Interior Paint: Your Best Choice

Choosing a type of paint for your interior walls is not just a matter of color. If you are looking for quality the base of the paint is important as it determines the durability of the paint and its resistance to stains and dirt.

Per the experts at This Old House, the best quality paint is Sherwin Williams Duration Home. This paint ranks as number one for a couple of different reasons; no primer is needed due to the high levels of titanium dioxide. Styrene-based acrylic resin makes it more durable and washable. Some companies use 100 percent acrylic resins in their top-of-the-line paints. Sherwin Williams is the largest manufacturer of paints in the United States, and includes Thompson Minwax and Pratt & Lambert among its family of brands. Sherwin Williams has a long and rich history, beginning just a year after the civil war ended in 1866.

The biggest difference between a superpremium paint at approximately $100 and a $50 premium paint is the type and amount of pigments. These finely ground minerals comprise up to 70 percent of the paint’s weight, compared with about 30 percent for an ordinary premium brand. Lift a can from Farrow & Ball or Fine Paints of Europe and you can feel the extra heft of the pigments. The pay¬off for the extra investment is more vivid colors, fewer coats, and a longer-wearing finish.

The quality of the paint you are using might also depend on the room you are painting; a child’s room where the walls may need constant cleaning or scrubbing will require a higher quality paint, while a room that is not in use often will not require such a high quality product. It also depends on the color to be replaced; if you are trying to cover a dark color a more expensive paint with more pigments will cover better than a less expensive paint.

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