Traits To Look For In A Painter

If you are looking to repaint your home and have decided to hire a professional rather than attempt it yourself, there are several things to watch out for. As Ryan Briggs with Paragon Painting says, “When choosing painters to paint your home there are some red flags that should be avoided. Most people do an internet search for house painters and are instantly overwhelmed by hundreds of painters that show up.”

Obtain a Quote for the Job

When a painter submits a quote to paint your house you need to look carfully at the details. Does the quote include what kind of paint will be used? If not the chances are that the paint will be of lesser quality. Does the quote specify what prep work will be done? If not don’t expect that there will be any. Does the painters quote specify how many coats of paint will be applied? If not don’t expect to get more than one coat of paint without an up charge for more. The painters quote should include everything will be included; beware, some painters will give a low price to get your business and then add unexpected charges once the job is underway and they feel that you can’t furn back.

Professionalism and Clear Communication

Communication is crucial in every relationship, and the same goes for dealing with a house painting contractor. Was your call returned in a timely fashion? When your call was returned was the individual you dealt with kind or rude? Chances are that if you did not receive the proper communication and professionalism at this early stage, it will not get better later on.

Insurance and Licensing

In almost all of the states, painters are required to be licensed through the state; do not hire a painting contractor that is not licensed, if you do and they are caught working without one they will be shut down and unable to complete your project.

Insurance is also a vital thing to consider when hiring a painter, do not hire someone without it. If a painting contractor is uninsured and damage is done to your house or property you will need to absorb the cost to fix or replace it. Also if an employee gets hurt while working on your property and the painter is not insured you will be left open to lawsuits.

When a painter meets with you to give a quote make sure they provide their insurance information and a copy of their residential specialty contractor license, if applicable in your state.

Looking to the Future

We have all been guilty of buying a product solely based on price and we have also regretted those decisions when the product doesn’t last long and we have to pay more to replace it. The same goes for painters; usually the cheapest is not the best. Cheaper painters use cheaper paints, which in turn do not hold up for very long. You’ll pay more up front for better products but they pay for themselves in the long run. Hiring a reputable high quality painting company will result in an overall better product. Running a reputable company will also require high operating costs. Better employees require high wages, and training is also important. Don’t make a decision that will cost you more money in the future. Choose the reputable company and you’ll be happy you did!

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